350 Verados

350XXL and 350CXXL Verados

We have 2 brand new twin 350 Verados!! They are Cold Fusion White with 30 in. shafts. The standard rotation is $23,520 and the counter rotation is $23,905. These come with 3 years of Platinum Product Protection warranty which is the best warranty Mercury offers. You also have a choice to extend the warranty if you want. Give us a call at 931-762-6710 and Go Boldly with these 2019 engines today!


Mercury is discontinuing their 250/300XS Racing Motors. The month of June is the last month they will be making them! So if you want to order one, now is the time!! You can check out our prices for these motors on our MERCURY RACING PRICING page.

Don’t worry though because these motors are going to be replaced with the 250/300R! These motors have a much higher displacement and overall bottom-end torque than the XS’s they replace and come with 3 years Factory Warranty!!! These FourStrokes Racing motors also sport the new V8 engines.

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